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MJA: Retail Members and Sponsoring Vendors

Recommended Reciprocating code of conduct


We make these recommendations for the betterment of Our Association.  Many Vendor Reps, Manufactures and service providers support Our Association by: Being a member of the Mules, Advertise in the annual convention book, sponsor entertainment at the annual convention, provide coffee breaks, provide an overall annual monetary commitment, provide cash awards for the annual Jewelry Design Contest, participate on the Board of Directors and much more.  Without the support of these individuals and companies, it is obvious that the many amenities we have come to expect and enjoy could not exist.  So we give recommendations of a courtesy that both parties should give and expect.



Retail Members:


  • Give the courtesy to look at any displays at MJWA events

  • If a member rep calls to make an appointment, set a mutually agreeable appointment and set any parameters such as time limits upfront.

    • Call if you can not keep appointment 

  • Do not feel you “have” to buy, but again give the courtesy to look.

  • If there is an equal choice between a supporting and non-supporting vendor, try to give the supporting vendor your business.

  • If a member rep stops by your store with out an appointment, go out and at least say hello.

  • Give the courtesy to explain any possible future relationships you plan to have.




·        Give the courtesy to allow members to view the line/service and weigh the potential of your product without feeling pressured in any way.

·        When calling to set up a mutually agreeable appointment, inform them that you are a MJWA supporting entity.

o   Acknowledge and comply with any set parameters at the time of making the appointment such as time constraints

o   Call if you are running late/early or can not make the appointment.

·        It is always preferred that you make appointments, but if you happen to be in the area and you stop by a members store, expect that they may not have the time to visit or view your service, but do expect the courtesy of them coming out to at least say hello.

  • Give the courtesy to accept the explanation of any future relationship the member plans to have.


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