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The Central Monitoring Station — your lifeline in an emergency

Jade Alarm Central Station services


     The heart of any professional security system the Central Station Monitoring Facility. Here, your building’s security is continually monitored by trained professionals who can quickly respond to live alarms.  Within seconds, Central Station operators can determine the type of emergency you may be experiencing and contact police, fire or emergency personnel.  Help is on the way in moments.


      Jade Alarm has its own U.L. Certified Station. This important security link is not a subcontracted, out-of-state or provided by a third party in another city.

While computers allow for precision in handling of the signals, we feel that properly trained Central Station personnel make the difference in quality. Our personnel are screened and continually trained as Central Station professionals and are proud of the job they do.


Jade Alarm Central Station features


  • Main and back up receiving computers

  • Main and back up data processing computers

  • Dual stand by back up generators

  • Triple redundant emergency power for the Central Station

  • Secured premises—entry by appointment only

  • Proper employee staffing per UL and NFPA standards


Commercial & Residential Security

protecting your business, home and family


Jade Alarm offers the latest systems designed to provide the utmost security at reasonable rates.

Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, Card Access Systems, Video Surveillance Systems Access Control & High Security Locks.

Make sure your business is protected inside and out!


Our Central Station trainer is certified per CSAA/APCO industry standards

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Jade Alarm Company

7636 Troost  Avenue, Kansas City, MO 64131

Phone: 816-333-5233 • Fax: 816-444-2626

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