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The Secret to Generating more Leads without Increasing your Ad Budget 

by Andre' Savoie from High Level Thinkers


What's more effective when it comes to jewelry photography? People or stuff? Getting it right will change your results.


Everybody wants to focus on leads. But leads are a “trailing” metric.


Smart business owners know you have to build traffic before leads will come. In other words, you need more eyeballs.


So how do you increase website traffic to your local jewelry website without a drastic increase in your ad budget?


I’ve got 2 secrets for you:


Get smart about HOW you run your ads.


And, what kind of images you use.



The Test: People Vs. Stuff


We ran a split test for one fine jewelry local retailer.


They gave us top-quality photos of "things" to frame their jewelry.


And they also gave us original photography of models wearing the same pieces.


Now, we wrote the ads.


They were NOT written by the client’s social media specialist. That person has a great eye for photography & creates nice organic social posts. But they know NOTHING about writing or targeting effective social media ads.


Back to the setup.


We ran the ads side by side on Facebook & Instagram.


People vs. stuff.


Product Line: Engagement

Duration: 60 days.

Budget: $4,500

Objective: Traffic & Leads



Can you guess the winner?


Hands down, people want to see images of people with jewelry when engagement ring shopping.


Checkout the 2 screenshots below verifying the results.

stuff - engagement.PNG
people - engagement.PNG

Let me give you just a little education on understanding these numbers.


The cost per click (CPC) & click through rates (CTR) are the 2 critical benchmarks.


Those are what determine your traffic from social media ads.


People Ads:

1.21% CTR (95% better)

$1.20 CPC (25% better)

1,867 clicks (87% better)


Stuff Ads:

0.62 CTR

$1.65 CPC

997 clicks


But the BIG thing - the only numbers the owners cared about:


Increase in leads during this time period: 165%





Why numbers matter


The secret to running effective social media ads lies in improving your click through rates.




Because social sites like Facebook & Instagram want to serve their users content they want to see.


In other words - a higher click through rate = lower cost per click.


Crappy ads are more expensive.


Great ads wind up being nearly free.


Get these numbers right, and you’ll have more traffic than you know what to do with.

And I’m here to tell you, traffic leads to leads and sales.


The numbers in this case study are from phone calls, web forms, Podium chats & online sales.


But wait until people walk into your store with a picture of your ad on their phone and say “I want this ring”.


It’s a fun feeling.


That’s the beauty of social media. You can’t just buy your way to the top.


You’ve GOT to create interesting ads with compelling visuals. Otherwise, you’re wasting time and money.



Get Help With Your Social Media Ads


If you’re ready to turn around the results from your social media ads, get in touch with us.

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