For Regular "Retail" Members


Regular "Retail" Members: Any business engaged in the retail jewelry industry may apply for membership in this Association. However, to be accepted at least 50% of its inventory must be comprised of fine jewelry; the business must have paid the dues for the current year, and it must have complied with all additional requirements and conditions established by the Association’s Board of Directors. Each member is entitled to one vote at any Association meeting and is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and hold any elective office.

Missouri Jewelers Association is committed to raising awareness of the jewelry industry and thus, provides the unique opportunity for professional development, educational opportunities and jeweler-to-jeweler networking. As with any organization, the strength lies in the dedication, support and enthusiasm of its members. MJA and its members offer not only these attributes but so much more. MJA is an active group of members who are eager to share their experiences, knowledge and skills. This is shared with a passion that only a group of individuals with generations of knowledge, operating their own retail stores, experiencing the same daily challenges we face, can contribute. This is why I have personally found MJA an invaluable asset in contributing to the accelerated growth and success of my business,


Tom Boatright, Diamonds and More Jewelers.

P.O. Box 492, Boonville, MO 65233   

(660) 882-5512


President: Roz Gordon